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Job Openings:

 Metal Fabrication


  • Welding

  • IG, MIG, SPOT Welding
  • Must be able to measure with calipers and interpret prints 
  • Qualified welders to obtain AWS certification.


  • Pressbrake

    • Must be able to measure with calipers and interpret prints. 
    • Should be capable of setting up press brake to achieve required bends to within tolerances.


CNC Machining 


  • Entry level Machinist

    • Must be able to measure with calipers and interpret prints.


  • Advanced CNC Machinist & Setup

    • Must be able to measure with calipers, micrometers, & gauges, and interpret prints. 
    • Must be capable of setting up CNC machine, per program setup sheet directions to achieve required feature, within tolerances.


Resumes, questions, or applications can be sent to HR@VMA-LLC.COM

VMA is a growing company during a time where many organization's expansion has leveled off or even declined. Our goal is to be positioned as an employer of choice in the Hudson Valley contract manufacturing world, providing opportunities not only for those who are experienced in their chosen field, but also for individuals just starting out in the workplace.  

To be successful, VMA depends on the skills, values and commitment of our people. We are just getting started on some new and exciting projects and always eager to meet individuals who are equally as focused on learning and becoming part of a high performance team. We "invest for success" with skills-focused on the job training, cross-training opportunities and targeted developmental assignments. Every employee has a voice in ensuring our continued success while working in partnership with a management team that encourages innovation and communication to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Our competitive salaries, along with a progressive health and benefits package, including a 401k plan, provide total rewards for our employees.

VMA offers choice and flexibility to our clients which sets us apart from other providers. Our success is directly related to the performance excellence and customer commitment of our employees and we've only just begun!

If you are interested in exploring employment opportunities, below is a link to our employment application.

Resumes or Applications can be sent to HR@VMA-LLC.COM