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Case Study | Custom Fabricated Cart & Rack Weldments / Assemblies

The Issue

One of our customers, a leading manufacturer of passenger rail car interiors, needed a series of custom fabricated carts and racks to hold several of their products. The carts and racks needed to protect the product and serve as inventory racks for instant quantity recognition.

Our Task

There were no drawings available. Only the actual product as well as some crude racks and carts currently in use. VMA visited the facility and spoke with the production and quality managers regarding their specific needs, took measurements, made notes, and created rough sketches for customized cars and rack assemblies

Our Solution

From the custom cart sketches we created solid works models to prove out the fit and function. From those models we created shop drawings. With the shop drawings we fabricated first article cart / rack assemblies for customer approval before commencing with the follow on production.

fabricated cart rack assembly